Premium knives crafted with durable handles and strong blades with professional performance in mind.

Professional Quality ... at Home

Overlord™ Premier Knives

Overlord by Cocktail Kingdom is the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of professional knives.

A kitchen can’t be complete without a set of reliable knives that chefs, both skilled and learning, feel comfortable using to create inspiring meals each day with confidence.

Our eye-catching and elegant products have a Rockwell Hardness Rating (RHC) of 58-60, making each knife durable enough for daily use without losing their sharp edge overtime.

Overlord prides itself on combining sophistication and affordability without sacrificing the functionality that every good kitchen knife should hold. Quality shouldn’t have to be costly. 

Wine Region

Los Angeles, California
3.2 Hours
San Francisco, California
4 Hours
Central Coast Beaches
24 minutes
San Luis Obispo, California
10 minutes

"Not only are they razor sharp, they're a gorgeous addition to my kitchen at a reasonable price."

"I recently purchased a full set of Overlord Knives and am OBSESSED. Simply put, these puppies are s.h.a.r.p.

Whether I’m chopping vegetables, cutting into a crusty loaf of bread or slicing raw fish, the task at hand is a cinch.  

Having spent years (and countless dollars) using top-tier knives like Wusthof and Henckels, I can confidently say that Overlord rivals both brands in terms of sharpness, visual appeal and quality construction.”

-Andrew Z
~andrew z.